Ranch Re-Visited (finally) 6/17/2017)

Hello all.

Well, six months has passed since we departed Rebel Ranch, on not such good terms! ha.  It has been a while for a reason, besides life changes, we left the ranch with a sour taste in out mouth and were not too anxious about returning.  With some subtle inspiration from my lovely wife, we said we should take the time and make a quick run to see what we find.  We were prepared to stay the night, or just come back home if things were terrible up there.

We set out early Saturday morning and pretty much drove straight there, no dragging our feet.  The ranch roads were in pretty good shape, but what was amazing was the road into our place was pretty much grown over and you could tell not a lot of traffic had been through there.  It was pretty surreal heading up past our pasture area and getting our eyes on Rebel Ranch in six months.

We were absolutely blessed.  I mean, the only things that happened were the wind took it’s toll by tearing up our roof protection and strewing paper all over the place, but other than that, pretty fair shape.


We have this plastic storage shed that was outside, and apparently the wind had it’s way, throwing all of our stored burnable paper everywhere.  Also, pretty much everything that was under our outside kitchen got tossed around.

You can also see what the wind did to the tarps we had on the roof.  Thankfully, one of the tarps was ripped off, twisted up, and dangled off one corner.  This really saved that one and I got to re-use in on the roof.

The interior was pretty much just as we had left it, although a lot of mouse ‘gifts’ about…but thanks to having power the vacuum kicked right in to help with the cleanup.

We spent Saturday cleaning up the odd debris and then getting some shade time with Ruby.

The sun was a bit much for Ruby and it is fly season for sure up there.  Our dog cannot stand bugs landing on her! ha.

We also took in a quick outdoor shower, although the ‘garden sprayer’ we were using as a shower head didn’t make it through the winter.  The plastic piece that keeps it attached to the metal wand cracked from the cold.

Oh well, it was still a great shower, since temps over the weekend were at 100 or above.

Ruby got to check out some cows too…didn’t really get any pictures of her trying to talk to the bigger ‘dogs’ with horns.

All in all, a good time.  We got some more cleanup/repairs done Sunday morning and feel pretty good with the way things are now.  PLUS…our 1500 gallon water tank is full to the rim, that is the first time we had seen that.  Not too bad.

Not sure when we will be up again, but that feeling is there…at least as an escape from the city.