More Pasture Area (10/28/2016)

Back again.  Made it up Friday after work.  I love it when Sheralee comes down from the property to pick me up.  I am wearing shorts and flip-flops and she has the heat cranked in the jeep with a coat and pants on! hahahahaha  Awesome!

We didn’t do a whole lot this past weekend, just trying to work out some details in things to come…more on that in a bit.

Saturday I added some outlets for our headboard.  These were from the loft and I wanted to get them added so we could get rid of the dang extension cord on the floor.  These beauties are hard to install, but so worth it.  They have normal 120V outlets and two USB outlets to charge our phones and tablets.  Very cool.


Not much else done on Saturday.  Sunday morning we got up and hiked up the hill behind us to get a better view of the pasture area.  It is really taking shape.  Here are some pictures of what we can see….you get an idea of the rectangle area, about 4 acres.

20161030_094031-medium 20161030_094028-medium 20161030_095543-medium

Below you can see the remaining area that will be cleared.


You can see our driveway on the left hand side, which is the East side.  East is left in the pictures and you are facing South.

I also wanted to add a couple pictures of our bathroom, as the layout has changed again, but oh for the better.

20161030_121830-medium 20161030_121836-medium 20161030_121848-medium

Yes, that is the temp shower that Sheralee is using…a tarp to cover the walls! ha.  Straight-up hill-billyish!

So, the new ‘news’ is that starting next month, yours truly is going to start living at the ranch, and working remotely on Monday and Friday’s. I will stay in LV two nights a week.  Very exciting!  We have some projects to work on to make things ready for winter and for the cats, but overall…better than ‘The Jeffersons’.