Inside Work (11/4/2016)

So, I had a list of thing to get done this past weekend, which included some ceiling framing with the remaining 2×3’s we had on site.  Some more electrical work in the kitchen container to accomodate a soon to be installed wall heater, some more outlet wiring, and then wiring in our 12 volt fan above where the stove will be.  Also we wanted to continue with the head board shelving.

When I got there Friday, Sheralee had installed some headboard plywood right below the start of the bed.  I thought it looked pretty amazing, but in doing so we decided our outlets would be better facing away from the bed.  So, Saturday morning I removed the plywood and worked on the outlets.  I switched out our combo 120 volt/USB outlets with normal two plug 120 volt outlets.  They are easier to work with.


While doing the outlets, Sheralee thought of an even better headboard item.  She stained some 1×6 boards we had and added those, with some great spacing.  I think it turned out awesome!
20161106_113430-small 20161106_115842-small

This is the final look…well not really.  We are adding shelves still, but right now it is awesome and such a solid structure.

Saturday I finished out the framing in the kitchen container, 2×4’s, and added the remaining 2×3 ceiling studs in the bedroom.

20161105_143023-small 20161105_151453-small


We need a little bit more 2×3’s and then a big time insulation push!

Below you can see some wiring being done in the kitchen container.


I need to add a couple boxes, but most of the runs are done.  We will have three ceiling lights in this container, above the entry, above the table, and above the sink.  Then we are having open shelving on one side, with this great reclaimed alligator juniper wood planks, and running 12 volt multi-color LED lighting under the shelves. It is going to look great!  The electrical runs are almost done, probably two or three more runs, but then that is it!  So I say now. ha.

This coming weekend we are all about insulation.  Making a materials run into Prescott Valley to get 2×4’s, 2×3’s, and rolls of insulation.  Getting closer and closer to winterizing.  The cats only have a few weeks left in Sin City…then off to the farm with them.  Although, when I was younger a trip for the family pet to the ‘farm’ meant something completely different….right mom?

The pasture area clearing continues as I write today…very exciting.  Until next time!