Compost Material Shed & More (4/15/2016)

Hello All.  Checking in after a productive weekend on the property.  Now, it took us two weeks to make it up as the SouthWest had plenty of rain over the past weekend.  Tried to make it up the previous Friday, but no joy on that one.  Here are some pictures from the drive.

20160408_155912 (Medium)
20160408_160701 (Medium) 20160408_185133 (Medium)
Yup, that is hail all over the road, between Vegas and Kingman, AZ.  It was crazy!  Saw a car spun out on the side of the road.  The mud on the Jeep was after I tried to make it on the ranch property, nada, no way Jose.  So, a six hour field trip that weekend.  The weather all over was horrendous.

Anyways, made it up this past Friday for a product weekend.  We needed to build a material shed for our compost area.  We have two compost bins, one we add to and the other stored our hay….well, the first one is full and ready to sit for a year before being used.  So, time to use the second one which meant getting the hay out.

This was my drawing in Sketchup:
4-5-2016 11-53-28 AM

I started with the base and worked my way up.
20160416_085319 (Medium) 20160416_095840 (Medium) 20160416_101233 (Medium) 20160416_103334 (Medium) 20160416_131915 (Medium) 20160416_162839 (Medium) 20160416_165504 (Medium) 20160417_095130 (Medium)

I think it turned out great.  Basically a 4’x8′ design to make it easier with plywood and OSB.  It stands about 5 feet high and can easily hold two hay bales.

This coming week/weekend I will be adding some roof flashing, fiberglass roof, and gutter system to catch the rainwater to fill the compost water tank.  Very excited about this project.  We will be painting the shed when I am done with the roof.

While this was going on Sheralee assembled our bathroom mirror, which turned out great, and situated our bathroom layout to accommodate the compost toilet, sink, and new shower pan.

20160417_114525 (Medium) 20160417_114512 (Medium)

It is going to be awesome!!!!  I hope to add some wall framing in the bathroom soon.

We have decided on a new plan for year 2016, and it is really clearing a lot of trees for pasture acreage.  Very exciting!!!  Stay tuned on new things happening.