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Composting Project (October 2014)

We headed back in October to start work on our composting pit.  We have decided to make two compost piles/pits and use one per year to build, while we use the contents of the other as fertilizer.

We are doing two 4×4 pits, a foot into the ground.  First stage is digging them out and starting the pit.

Then we add material each time we  are on the property, covering them with dry material (in this case we are using hay), and cover with chicken wire to keep it safe from curious animals.
20141018_125412 20141018_130712
* just in case you missed the cans of Fat Tire they are there while we view our accomplishment.

While we were there we also got out on a nice walk up the road inside and outside of our property.  Just wanted to take in some of our surroundings.

Of course the night had another beautiful sunset, and on our way out we were able to catch a glimpse of some antelope.
IMG_3370 20141018_092519b

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