Bathroom Work Ahead (4/20/2016)

I went up on Wednesday this past week to get a little extra time working on some projects we are trying to wrap up.  Low and behold, my week ended up with talking to company HR departments and some interviews over the phone.  So, all in all, very productive end to the week.

The project I started with was sealing off the bathroom ceiling where we originally had our loft stairs when this was just our entry way.

20160420_124248 (Medium)
This was the opening where we climbed the loft stairs.  We had removed the stairs some time back and now working on finishing up, as much as possible without plumbing, the bathroom.  So, I had to add some joists, across this span, and add the sheathing in the loft, which will one day be an open deck.

20160420_142451 (Medium) 20160420_140815 (Medium) 20160420_150200 (Medium)20160420_151151 (Medium)

All in all, ok.  I had forgotten the joist hangers I was going to add, but have them on hand and will add  them in next week.  It is already sturdy enough, but I like the ‘overkill’ approach to things.

Next was adding some roof flashing and panels to our new material shed.  After I had gotten as far as the materials let me, because plans never go as we think, I went into town and got some water to top off our compost water tank, which I cleaned and moved for future rain catchment off this new shed roof.
20160421_073159 (Medium) 20160421_152659 (Medium)

During the weekend, Sherlaee came up and added the finishing deck paint to our new ‘fudge factory’ shed!
20160424_102330 (Medium)
I will add the final roof panels and gutter this weekend, then work on getting that water added to our tank with any rainfall.

I wanted to add some stability to our rain shed, so I added some 4×4 posts and corner bracing.  This picture doesn’t show the final bracing, but it all turned out pretty good.  Eventually, when we find some free wood slats, we are going to connecting the posts with boards, leaving gaps for the wind to get through.  Should work out great.
20160420_170434 (Medium)

I believe one of the last things I did was finish the framing in the bathroom.  We decided to go with 2×2’s in one wall to give us a little more room.

20160421_142708 (Medium) 20160421_142717 (Medium)
I did clean up the light switch thing, and it is much better now, once the framing was done.

Saturday we got started on finishing the bathroom floor.  We went with our plan of 1/2″ foam insulation and 1/2″ plywood, stained with our preferred floor color.

While Sheralee worked on the actual staining and polyurethane layers, I added the plastic and insulation.  The corner that doesn’t have anything will be our shower basin.
20160423_084733 (Medium) 20160423_105617 (Medium)
20160423_105629 (Medium)

On Sunday, after some final layers of polyurethane, we were able to get the floor put in and things back in place. These pictures kinda give you an idea of how it will look eventually.
20160424_124511 (Medium) 20160424_124519 (Medium)

On Sunday, I was also able to finish one bedroom wall framing, and framed out our door way, which we will be installing a barn door this weekend.

20160423_180814 (Medium) 20160423_180820 (Medium)
The space above the door header will be the pathway for our pex plumbing in the bathroom.

Since we are going to be dispatching a lot of Junipers this year…I wanted to have a place to store the larger pieces for use this winter.
20160424_111305 (Medium)
I wanted somewhere under some cover.  We had some old pallets laying around and I used those with some back and side walls.  It will work just fine this year.

That was it.  Sheralee really took into cutting down some major trees with her new bow saw, while our chainsaw continues to struggle.  I found out that the cover might have been taken off without the brake fully released….hence not fitting and working as it should.  I will take another look at that this weekend.  We also have more recoil starter issues with our generator, but I think we have another solution…using a drill bit and drill….we can start it without the pull cord…can’t wait to try that this weekend.  The biggest thing this weekend is finishing up the material shed and building our barn door for the bathroom.  That will be awesome!

Until next time!