This blog is dedicated to our adventures from land purchase to sustainable living.

About Us:
We are a couple in our mid forties when starting this process/project.  It was agreed upon last year that we need to look at options in living and future sustainability.  We both have adult children, or close to adult children, and realized soon it will be just us (not including present or future pets/animals).

With that thought in mind we moved forward in working towards our newly formed life goals.

I believe our goals are to start from nothing but a patch of land, and transforming that land to a place we can learn and grow, in both substance and living as one.

1.  Water:  Capture rain water for future use
2.  Shelter:  Create shelter that will someday serve as our place of residency
3.  Food:  Grow as much food as we can, both in protein and vegetables


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