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Frodo’s Return (11/18/2016)

Hello All!

Made it back up to the ranch Friday evening, it get’s dark so early now, nothing to do but enjoy my wife and a cold beer.  This past weekend, with winter coming on quickly, we wanted to get the wood stove installed and operational.  That was the big push, and even though I knew we would run into snags, I thought it would take about half the day on Saturday. ha.  I was way off, again! hahahaha

Started out good.  Sheralee had already made our new wood stove (Frodo) table, so we confirmed the height to see what adjustments needed to be made.  Turns out, we were about a half inch off I think…so not bad.  While she cut down the table legs, I worked on the ceiling hole.

20161119_100055-medium 20161119_091050-medium

This was the table before I started cutting.  I took our chimney ceiling box, and made a center hole, and then marked out the radius of that whole on the roof.  It was 10″ across, so drilled some guide holes and got the grinder out.

20161119_110403-medium 20161119_115255-medium

We actually ended up with the best circle hole to date, with a grinder.  Unfortunately, first snafu was here.  Somehow, our hole and inside ceiling box didn’t line up.  We really couldn’t figure that one out, but oh well.  We adjusted.  It was either cut the hold 2″ wider on one side, or cut down the ceiling box. We opted for the ceiling box.  Then we had to account for the concrete backer board we installed, so off we went.

This process took us just about all day, and were finally lighting a fire before sunset, working great. I sealed the hold around the external chimney with some LocTite Roofing sealant.  We lite a fire and ah man…so nice to have Frodo back up and working.

20161119_162249-medium 20161119_162242-medium 20161119_200944-medium

This time we went with a single-wall interior stove pipe instead of the double-wall pipe we did last year.  What a difference it makes in internal heat.  We also opted to go from the back of the stove this time so we can use the top to heat up water and pans.  It really works well.

Sunday morning, first task was to seal up the roof opening and install this high temp silicon boot we got for metal roof flashing.  We purchased this boot from Amazon.

It is specifically designed for metal roofs so I thought it could work with ours, and sure enough…it did.  This thing is amazing!

20161120_095800-medium 20161120_095807-medium


I used indoor/door silicon sealant underneath the border, which is made of the boot and aluminum to conform to your roof contours.  I then used self-trapping screws around the base and more sealant on top of that.  It is awesome…I can’t say that enough.  If you are ever going to install a chimney through any metal roofing, this is the way to go.

Sure enough, Sheralee had rain Sunday night and Monday, a good amount of rain, and no leaking!  That is another first for us! ha.  We are learning!

Sunday I had a list of things to accomplish, which I can’t quite recall what they were, but one of them was installing our new wall heater in the kitchen container.

20161120_134740-medium 20161120_152447-medium20161120_152455-medium 

I got this thing off of Amazon as well, and was rated #1 small space heater in some website like ‘electric heater reviews .com’ or something like that.  I added a little Honeywell thermostat to go with it.  It will run off 120V and should heat our space nicely. This is really being added to the kitchen side as the cats will soon be living up there and thought they might need heat during the evening while Sheralee is at work.  Haven’t fired it up yet, as the new batteries will be installed this coming weekend.  I have to still terminate the circuit in the breaker box too.

That brings me to the other great stuff.  As you know we have been working on getting four acres cleared just south of our house.  Well, it is done.  The first batch of pictures was from last weekend when there were still some trees standing near us, but still it was such a shock when I saw it.

20161112_095852-medium 20161112_095855-medium 20161112_095907-medium 20161112_173658-medium

Now, all of that is gone!

20161119_080925-medium 20161119_080928-medium 20161119_080923-medium

WOW!!!  Huge difference.  So now, we have four acres cleared.  We will still have some more work done in the coming weeks.  Our man on the spot will bring his grader back up there and try and even things out and scrape off the remaining wood and rocks.  Very exciting.

So, along with that is I was able to borrow my bosses DJI Phantom 4 drone this past weekend.
Image result for dji phantom 4

Let me just start with….this thing is AWESOME!  I was able to get it up and running Sunday, with a slight learning curve.  I will show a picture here, and then link that to the larger picture.  Also, I will post a movie that I made…quite on accident, but it turned out really really cool.


Here is the link to the larger image…(click here)  You can actually see Sheralee and I under the tree to the right…trying to shade my phone so I could see where I was flying. ha.

Here is a movie (125MB), but soooo cool!  (click here)

We want to map out the acreage using the drone…give us a better overhead view of what we want to do.  So, here is what is on the horizon.  We are putting deposits down on two puppies, that we will get in January.  That is very exciting for us!!  I will officially be working from the property Monday’s and Friday’s, every other week, starting this coming Monday!  This is huge for us.  Oh…we just had HughesNet satellite internet installed this past weekend too.  Very cool!

We will be going here and there this holiday weekend…Ranch to Phoenix, Phoenix to Vegas, and Vegas to Ranch.  Good times!  Very exciting things happening!

If we don’t talk to you, everyone have a safe and thankful Thanksgiving.
Image result for turkey





Inside Work (11/4/2016)

So, I had a list of thing to get done this past weekend, which included some ceiling framing with the remaining 2×3’s we had on site.  Some more electrical work in the kitchen container to accomodate a soon to be installed wall heater, some more outlet wiring, and then wiring in our 12 volt fan above where the stove will be.  Also we wanted to continue with the head board shelving.

When I got there Friday, Sheralee had installed some headboard plywood right below the start of the bed.  I thought it looked pretty amazing, but in doing so we decided our outlets would be better facing away from the bed.  So, Saturday morning I removed the plywood and worked on the outlets.  I switched out our combo 120 volt/USB outlets with normal two plug 120 volt outlets.  They are easier to work with.


While doing the outlets, Sheralee thought of an even better headboard item.  She stained some 1×6 boards we had and added those, with some great spacing.  I think it turned out awesome!
20161106_113430-small 20161106_115842-small

This is the final look…well not really.  We are adding shelves still, but right now it is awesome and such a solid structure.

Saturday I finished out the framing in the kitchen container, 2×4’s, and added the remaining 2×3 ceiling studs in the bedroom.

20161105_143023-small 20161105_151453-small


We need a little bit more 2×3’s and then a big time insulation push!

Below you can see some wiring being done in the kitchen container.


I need to add a couple boxes, but most of the runs are done.  We will have three ceiling lights in this container, above the entry, above the table, and above the sink.  Then we are having open shelving on one side, with this great reclaimed alligator juniper wood planks, and running 12 volt multi-color LED lighting under the shelves. It is going to look great!  The electrical runs are almost done, probably two or three more runs, but then that is it!  So I say now. ha.

This coming weekend we are all about insulation.  Making a materials run into Prescott Valley to get 2×4’s, 2×3’s, and rolls of insulation.  Getting closer and closer to winterizing.  The cats only have a few weeks left in Sin City…then off to the farm with them.  Although, when I was younger a trip for the family pet to the ‘farm’ meant something completely different….right mom?

The pasture area clearing continues as I write today…very exciting.  Until next time!

More Pasture Area (10/28/2016)

Back again.  Made it up Friday after work.  I love it when Sheralee comes down from the property to pick me up.  I am wearing shorts and flip-flops and she has the heat cranked in the jeep with a coat and pants on! hahahahaha  Awesome!

We didn’t do a whole lot this past weekend, just trying to work out some details in things to come…more on that in a bit.

Saturday I added some outlets for our headboard.  These were from the loft and I wanted to get them added so we could get rid of the dang extension cord on the floor.  These beauties are hard to install, but so worth it.  They have normal 120V outlets and two USB outlets to charge our phones and tablets.  Very cool.


Not much else done on Saturday.  Sunday morning we got up and hiked up the hill behind us to get a better view of the pasture area.  It is really taking shape.  Here are some pictures of what we can see….you get an idea of the rectangle area, about 4 acres.

20161030_094031-medium 20161030_094028-medium 20161030_095543-medium

Below you can see the remaining area that will be cleared.


You can see our driveway on the left hand side, which is the East side.  East is left in the pictures and you are facing South.

I also wanted to add a couple pictures of our bathroom, as the layout has changed again, but oh for the better.

20161030_121830-medium 20161030_121836-medium 20161030_121848-medium

Yes, that is the temp shower that Sheralee is using…a tarp to cover the walls! ha.  Straight-up hill-billyish!

So, the new ‘news’ is that starting next month, yours truly is going to start living at the ranch, and working remotely on Monday and Friday’s. I will stay in LV two nights a week.  Very exciting!  We have some projects to work on to make things ready for winter and for the cats, but overall…better than ‘The Jeffersons’.