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Pasture Area & Headboard (10/21/2016)

Hello All!  Another update from this past weekend.  Since Sheralee was in the ‘big city’ last weekend, this was my first trip up to our property.  This past week we started having some acreage cleared for our future farm animals.  It is very very exciting to see the transformation.

Let me post a couple pictures, and describe what has happened so far.
20161022_121338-medium 20161022_121330-medium
The above picture is looking just SW and West.  You can see our little shed and then follow our driveway road to the West and then heading South.  Where the curve in the road is, just last week that was full of trees.  Amazing.

20161022_075913-medium 20161022_075404-medium 20161022_075353-medium
Our Saturday morning walk of the new pasture.  At this point we were two days in of ‘dozer’ work.  As I write this, day three is in process, and probably about 2+ full acres to go.  Just a note…looking at 4 acres cleared, is pretty daunting and a lot larger than I imagined. Ha.

Our other projects for the weekend were stabilizing and fortifying one of our compost bins.  You can see in the below pictures, the bin was starting to slide to one side, mainly due to no support on the two front posts.
20161022_110340-medium 20161022_110345-medium

I have a long term idea on that, but for the interim, I added some stability on the inside, and also braced against the other bin there.
20161022_115009-medium 20161022_115015-medium
This will definitely work for a while, but I am thinking some metal fence posts pounded into the ground at each front post, tying the posts to that metal post.  That should do it.

After this was done, Sheralee and I turned to building our new headboard.  We are using 2×6’s left over from the left.  It will be boarded on the side towards the bed, but open on the other side for shelving into the closet/office area.
20161022_123154-medium 20161022_093316-medium
* not sure why the blurry pictures….but you get itl  We had to lay out the design first to get our bearings on how the install would go.

Once we had it figured out, we started with the side that would be mounted to the wall studs.

There is a gap in the shelving, so we can look North from our bed through the window that will be there.

20161023_145857-medium 20161022_155822-medium

So far, it is turning out great.  We now have to add the base cover on the back side, and create the rest of the shelves.  Currently, our stock of 2×6’s are all slight warped, which makes for a lousy ‘flat’ shelf. ha.  We also have to run some 120V and 12V for two outlets and some cool ambient led lighting in the headboard/shelving.

Doing that, I also had to finish some electrical panel additions, and wiring one side of the bedroom container.

20161022_155345-medium 20161023_145850-medium

Electrical is truly fun, as I told Sheralee.  It is fun, until you get shocked, which (knocking on wood) hasn’t happened yet.  For the bedroom I still have to wire in the headboard outlets, 12V led lighting, and two ceiling lights.  Gonna be great.

I think that is it for this entry.  We will have more acreage pictures soon. Very exciting times!

Bedroom Move (10/7/2016)

Made it up last Friday and got settled in, had some dinner and a nice fire.

Saturday morning found that Sheralee had come down with something and wasn’t feeling tip-top.  The nice thing is though a day before I got there she had officially started our bedroom move to the second container.  So cool to see.

We ended up removing the ‘stilts’ from our bed frame and now have a ‘normal’ low-rider.
20161008_113922-medium 20161008_114555-medium20161008_135115-medium20161008_143144-medium

Finally the frame was moved and reassembled.  Slept on it that night…oh so nice!  On Monday, Sheralee cleaned up after my mess and rearranged the kitchen area, or what will be our kitchen.

20161010_123941-medium 20161010_124031-medium

We also got the shower insert put in, and you can just see the 4×4 post that will be the corner of our shower stall.

20161008_143216-medium 20161008_143212-medium

Looks awesome,  well except for the walls. ha.  All in good time.  The shower was tested this week, with the new drain plumbing I put in and it all worked great.

On Sunday, with the Mrs. out of it…pretty much.  I worked on new electrical runs for the bedroom container, one A/C and one D/C run, and another for the kitchen.  I am splitting the kitchen in to two separate circuits, one for each wall, all for good measure but more than likely not necessary.  The largest amp draw we might have is a coffee pot.


I also added a new outlet for our refrigerator, which from the picture above you can see will sit in the middle of that wall.  I also have 4 more electrical runs to make that I didn’t think about at the time, but since have.  We will have a wall mounted 120V A/C heater in the future, an A/C small ceramic heater for the outside water pump/heater box, 12V DC for the water pump, and a 12V DC fan above the refrigerator.  All not necessary now, but in the future they will be needed.

I also started the bedroom ceiling stud install this past week, but have since realized I will need to frame out the wall window on one side so the ceiling studs line up with wall studs on each side, complicated but makes sense.  We also cut the 2×6 pieces for our new headboard, which is going to be pretty cool.  By the time I get up there again, those should be stained and ready to install.

We did have some rain on Saturday, which led to some cool sunset pictures, again.

(Looking East)

And this is my favorite one yet, looking West

Until next time, which will be on the 21st for me, as it is baby shower this weekend.  No…not ours! ha.  Grandaughter time for Sheralee.  Obviously not me, I am too young. ha.

New Floors Part II (9/30/2016)

Hello All.

Not a lengthy blog post this week.  We did get some good stuff done, but yours truly wasn’t ‘johnny on the spot’ with the camera, so I will have to tell you about the happenings instead.

Made it up Friday after work, arriving just after sunset.  The stars were amazing, especially with a new moon on Friday.

Saturday, got the rest of the floor planks installed, and managed a stain coat before she had to leave for work.  Yup, Oktoberfest in full motion in town on Saturday.  After dropping her off I returned to do some framing around our connecting doorway, and added some insulation.  Not a whole lot done on my part, but it will help with the wind/cold…hopefully.  In the late afternoon, I ventured into town to enjoy a dinner with my favorite restaurant goer!  It was a good time, and GREAT service!

Saturday, Sheralee started on coats of polyurethane on the floor.

20161001_082821-medium 20161001_100703-medium 20161003_100743-medium

It looks awesome after 3 coats as of Monday morning!  So close to moving our sleeping operation over there!  Can’t wait!

I started the shower pan/plumbing on Sunday as well.  Sheralee had drilled the whole for our shower pan, and I finished leveling it, securing it, and started the plumbing.

I added a 2″ drain pipe into a p-trap, which I don’t have pictures for. ha.  I will continue on…and eventually it will tie in the bathroom and kitchen sinks for our grey water reclamation.  That will be cool.

Solar Update:  Everything is working great still.  We are afraid to touch anything. ha!

Since there weren’t a lot of other ‘action’ photos, I wanted to add a couple really cool sunset pictures.

This one was taken Friday before I got there:

I took this one Saturday, driving back from dinner:

This one was taken Sunday evening as we were heading down the hill:

Until next weekend’s update!