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Returned For Some Work, Finally! (9/23/2016)

After a few weeks from some serious work, we updated some things this past weekend.  It has been a while.  Sheralee came into LV for a weekend, and then we kinda took a weekend ‘off’, just doing some maintenance type things for the next weekend.  This weekend we had a chance to get back to working on some projects.

It was a rough week for Arizona weather, and transiting to and from was not easy.  We were first hit by hurricane Paine, out of the Pacific and off the coast of Mexico.

I had made it up the weekend of the 9th, but we just did some small things.  I took some good pictures Saturday night, as the sun was setting.
20160910_184639-medium 20160910_184308-medium 20160910_184248-medium

Very pretty.  Then we got up and went for a hike up the hill behind us.
20160911_081842-medium 20160911_081849-medium

You can see the ‘compound’ in each picture.  What a great ‘relaxing’ weekend.  Then Sheralee came to the ‘big city’ for a weekend, which was really nice for all of us.

This past weekend, after the rains, I made it up Friday after work.  We headed out early Saturday morning for a materials run into Prescott.

Some things I needed to work on was repairing a malfunctioning water pump and miss-behaving chainsaw.  First up, was the pump work on Saturday, once we got back.  I had purchased a new Shurflo 3 gpm pump.  I decided to go ahead and create water pump v4.0.


This time I decided to stay away from Pex, spigots, and anything else that was permanent.  I found some great plastic adapters that thread directly on a Shurflo pump (1/2″ M) and change to a 3/4″ garden hose thread.  Brilliant!  Why didn’t I think of this before? doh!

Works like a champ!  So now, I just added on some garden hose extenders and off we go.

* No, the lighter is not needed for the pump to work. ha.

The lighter was used for Sheralee’s new ‘instant shower’!  This thing is awesome!
Basically, you head up the water using a common camping propane cookstove, then pressurize the tank, and off you go.  So nice!  Thank you Mario and Ainslee!

The real projects started Saturday afternoon, and Sunday.  We purchase the materials to finish out the 2nd container framing and complete the new wood floors.


In the other container, we went with large plywood pieces, 1/2″ on top of 1/2″ foam insulation.

Wood Floors Part II (2/20/16)

This time we cut 6″ pieces and are using a different stain.  We cut all the pieces Saturday afternoon.  What a fun job with 2 people and a small table saw. ha!

Sunday, I finished out the framing so we could lay the new floor.
20160925_084015-medium 20160925_112957-medium

While I was doing this, Sheralee was staining  the first batch of flooring.

After she put a coat of polyeurathane on, we installed the first section.
20160925_152325-medium 20160925_152334-medium
I will say this, IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!  We were so happy with the say it was turning out.  Great color, great width for the floor.  Just awesome.  We continued on with the next section.

This new container will be our bedroom, with the TV, wall shelving, wood fireplace, and a 53″ TV for football! ha.

We are slowly re-working the other container that will be our kitchen and eating area.

I think that is it for now.  Hope to have the floor done next weekend so we can finally move the bed over and get that container insulated and warm for winter!

Tool Shed Completed (9/3/2016)

Made it up to the property this past weekend for the long weekend.  Main goal, install another window and finish that dang shed.

Saturday I wanted to get the second bathroom window in so we could get out of that ‘cave’ look in there.  I had purchased another casement for the bathroom, but it was broke on arrival, so now I had it and it was time.  The window is a32″x16″, same as in the shed.  This allowed me to install it and finally finish the siding for that wall, although the final trim piece won’t be added until we can remove the water barrier on the roof.  All in good time.

20160903_134056 20160903_140217 20160903_161229 20160903_165641 20160903_171237 20160905_102847

I think it turned out really well, very exciting for us both.  It is hard to see in the following picture, but it really makes the bathroom even better.

On Sunday, we started with the shed.  We had to finish the siding, then the flashing, and then finally the roofing.  Saturday was all about siding.
20160904_124550 20160904_142329 20160904_152829

This is pretty much as far as we got on Saturday.  You can see the sky, the weekend was beautiful.  Sunday I finished the roof flashing, roofing, and gutter.

20160905_101249 20160905_102857

Yes, some of the trim is dirty, for now.  Eventually, it will be washed and painted the same color as our other structures, then it will look even better.  Some of those trim and siding pieces have been sitting under a tarp for over a year.  So nice to use them.  Still not sure about adding trim around the shed windows…kinda up in the air.

What finishing the shed did for us was to allow us to clear out our second container.  It was sooooo needed.  Not only was it needed in order to progress forward, but man it really showed us how we collected all kinds of project leftover things.
20160905_100316 (Medium)

Sheralee did an awesome job organizing the new shed.  We do need to add a couple more shelves, but so far so good.  It is definitely doing what we wanted.

While I was on the roof of the shed, I took this panorama shot…not sure how it will turn out.
20160905_091747 (Medium)