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Loft Build Step 1 (7/2/15)

This is the first posting in what will be several ‘loft build’ posts I am sure.  Technically, we are about 3 weeks behind, well weekends actually, but we definitely have ‘livability’ assured and made each aspect of being on the ranch as functional as possible.  Our goal was to make sleeping, eating, cooking, and cleaning easier all around, and we have accomplished that.  We now have water in several sources, water pumping, great composting, and our kitchen area for cooking and cleaning is working out great!!  Plus, the shower of course…ahhhhhhh

I headed up this past weekend to start the loft build, which will provide us our future sleeping area.  If you haven’t seen the ‘planned’ future loft, this is what it kinda looks like in sketchup.

There will be 12 feet across of living are that will include a staircase structure.  The first part of this is laying the floor joists, I am using 2×8’s.  I stopped in Kingman to pickup 16 2x8x12’s for the joists…oh so fun it is.

I noticed on the drive up that there was standing water along the main ranch roads and on our property it was like all tracks had been removed.  You could see that there was some heavy rainfall up there over the past week.  I had to go check the water tank…..and sure enough, there was water captured in the rain water tank.
This picture is from the manway on the top of the tank looking in.  It is below the 200 gal outlet, that you see on the right.  I would estimate maybe 30-50 gallons.  Not bad in one good rain.  Encouraging for sure!

After unloading the trailer, I threw the 2×8’s on the roof and did some minor chores before climbing up on top to check out all the lumber and go over my plan in my head.

Later, after making dinner I got a great sunset shot before the thunderstorms set in and drove me indoors for the evening.  

After a night of thunderstorms, this is what I found upon waking up…our poor sun shade poles hadn’t survived the night.  Oh well, back the drawing board on that idea.  Shade is a great idea, but it has to withstand the winds.  Also, the tarp was tied to the top of the container which would now be used for our loft and deck floor.  So, had to cut it away.

Friday morning, and time to start laying/bolting the floor joists.
20150703_090329 20150703_100206 20150703_114242

All went pretty well to the plan.  In the bottom picture you can kinda get an idea what our final top deck will be like.  Can’t wait to hang out up there with a cold one!  Great views!

20150703_175833 20150704_122842 20150704_124441 20150704_124554

All went according to plan, except the very first joist, which I had planned to grind away a 1/4″ post mount to accomodate 1.5″ of 2×8.  Well, that didn’t go according to plan.  First, to grind away that much would have taken me hours, which I didn’t want to take, and second I was handing over the front of the container and never really had any decent leverage.  So, I gave up on that idea.  I worked it out in the end, just did the joist another way.

I did bracing all the way down the center, and then along the outside where the loft will reside.  Everything turned out great and I am excited to head up again to add more.


We are well on our way.