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Bid April Farewell (4/17/15)

So, we headed up to the property for one last ‘relaxing’ weekend before all the fun projects start to kick in next month.  Headed our Friday afternoon with another full Jeep to help us prepare for the busy schedule coming up (more on that below).

We had a couple things we wanted to add to our property to help our ease of lifestyle while there.  We brought with us an outdoor storage shed, to finally unload those damn totes we hold so dearly, making it easy to find things, cook things, and clean things….no more stress for that.  Plus, gained 2 totes for storage that we didn’t have before.  We also brought with us this great little addition, a ‘Gorilla Cart’ for moving things around.  We had been tossing around the idea of getting a wheel burrow, but ultimately wanted something a little sturdier, and could one day be towed behind an ATV.  We found the Gorilla Cart.

Before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to show you what we found upon our arrival.  This trip was post some major wind storms in the Southwest, and our property had a little evidence of that.  Yes, it was a sad moment on Rebel Ranch.

Agnus the magnificent, took a beating in the wind storms (ouch):

This was Agnus back in October 2014

We did some repairs on her, and besides the rain cover we had to ditch, she is stronger than ever.

As mentioned before, we put up the outside storage and then the Gorilla Cart (awesome)!
20150419_093154 20150419_093217

These things took place Saturday morning, but lets first talk about our little buddy heater and the air we breath, consider it a lesson learned.  We use this Little Buddy propane heater at night due to the nightly temps….brrrrrrrr.  Normally we open the upper vent, but this night there were some clouds we really had no idea if rain would ruin our slumber during the evening.


Unfortunately, if you do not ventilate this little burner well enough, you could slumber right through the next, if ya know what I mean!   So, thankfully, back when I bot the Little Buddy, I also got this great carbon monoxide detector as well.  Sure enough, mid way through the night that damn thing went off.


Lets just say, don’t leave home without it.  It saved the night and day!

Having all that night time fun, and working on the storage/cart the next morning.  We had some relaxing time the rest of our Saturday.  Well, the top of Rusty would be considered our outside deck of sorts for now. We love it up there…views are great and it is just so peaceful.  We were up there in the lounge chairs, or lets say Sheralee was up there by herself, and I hear this laughing coming from up there.  I had to ask what was so funny.  Well, she was browsing her iPad’s music and saw her reflection in the iPad screen.  Hence, we had some fun and snapped these two pictures.

IMG_0881  IMG_0879

Fun to be had up there, that is for sure.  I enjoyed it anyways and it still makes me laugh!

Anyways, on the way out Sunday afternoon, we were treated to a close up with some of the wild horses that roam this larger ranch.  They were right on the side of our road and truly had no interest in us or even moving for us.  So beautiful!

20150419_155553 20150419_155550 20150419_155546
Well that is it for fun and sun on Rebel Ranch.  As mentioned previously, in May we start our summer projects for the ranch.  May 1st weekend, we will start laying the foundation posts for our rain collection lean-to shed.  It will be 10×20, metal roof, collecting water in our first 1500 gallon tank.  Can’t wait.  Stories and pictures to follow, but it will take a couple weeks to complete the structure and plumbing to capture the rain water.

Then, in June, we start the loft on Rust.  We will cantilever out 4 additional feet to make our ‘slumber room’ and deck a nice 10×12.  So exciting, a great year indeed.  More to follow as it happens.