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Another Sunny March Day (3/28/15)

We headed out for another great warm March weekend on the ranch, close to 80 degrees with record temps throughout Northern Arizona.  Not too many big projects, just more cleanup and some smaller projects to ease our year to come.

First, we stopped at a great scenic view just past the Hoover Dam, that you can look down upon the winding Colorado river.  Just gorgeous.

Of course, same cast of characters on this weekend journey.

A couple of items we wanted to do this weekend was first and foremost, re-locate our outdoor loo to secure the structure and give any ‘visitors’ some more privacy.  We think we made a great move.  We also got four 4′ pieces of rebar and some bright orange 11″ stakes to secure the tent itself.

Now we have a great new location, and path that will soon be lit by solar.

Another thing was to seal our new picnic table and clean up the tree cutting from last weekend.  All done, check and check.  I am starting to build up some good firewood, the brighter wood is Juniper pine and the other darker wood is cedar that was already cut down, but now trimmed into smaller logs for burning.  NOTE:  cedar really takes a toll on chainsaw sharpness. ha.
Note the pink box for donuts to go in the morning….mmmmmmmmm

Oh, Saturday afternoon we had a visitor in the camp.  Sheralee spotted this shiny stick, low and behold, this motha was moving! ha.
(Gopher Snake)

He was a good 4ft in length.  Coincidentally, we saw the same type of snake, and the same size, just earlier in the week on one of our walks through a local park here.  Incredible.

On Sunday we decided to hike up the hill that is just behind our property.

Our ranch sit about 5900 ft, and the hill behind us tops out at 6300 ft.  Great hike up, got pretty steep on the way up, but some amazing views.

You can see the ranch location here….if you look close enough!

20150329_144230 20150329_142528

Looking East towards Flagstaff

Unfortunately, due to traveling for work, it will be three weeks until we go again, with a couple more smaller projects in mind before we start the rain water collecting project!  Very exciting.  Plus, weather sites put the temps at night to the low 20’s next week….no thanks!

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First Day of Spring 2015

First day of Spring, and a nice mid 70’s day on the property, so we headed up with a couple key projects in mind.  Knowing that we have a very busy ‘building’ summer ahead, we want to make the property as ‘convenient’ as possible when we visit.   Some major things we had in mind, is cooking, cleaning, and a spur of the moment ‘eating’ project.

We had a nice heavy load in the Jeep on this trip; a picnic table kit, 16 16″ concrete blocks, and 44 red bricks.  woohoo.  After loading all of that in the Jeep Friday night, we headed out Saturday morning.

Upon arrival, it was offload time:

Let the fun begin.  Sheralee worked on assembling our new outdoor stove/cook top.  We wanted to raise it up off the ground to provide a better area of cooking, ease of use really.

Old Cooking Method

New Cooking Method

We used this thing all weekend, and man what an improvement!!!  This outdoor stove is awesome!  Just makes life so much easier when you can stand up and do the cooking.  Before we were having to bend over or squat down to get things done.  Definitely, NOT efficient.

While Sheralee worked on the cooking stove, I worked on getting rid of the standing water we started to see around where our water is and where we do the dishes at.  I created a sloped mote, and filled it in with rocks, while using one of my dad’s great mats to cover the draining area.  Works like a champ!

Old water draining method

New water draining method

Next we are adding an outdoor storage cabinet to remove all of these bins that we have to keep lugging around and opening/closing to find the right items.  Definitely MORE efficient.

Lastly, I assembled this awesome picnic table from a kit we got at the Depot.  We had been looking at plans, kits, and pre-assembled ideas.  All were costly, and for what?  We found an awesome deal at the Depot and sprung for one.  It is made out of fir, and we are sealing it this next weekend…looks awesome and makes enjoying our fantastic meals all that much better!!

Here is an overview of the finished items from on top of Rusty:
Some other cool things while we were up there.  First is every night on the property is absolutely amazing.  The amount of stars we enjoy is incredible, mind blowing.  I didn’t take any pictures of the stars…..just google it, but I did catch this just after sunset.


And then saw these yahoos there too….yes, a little chilly at night still.


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