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Warm Winter Day (February 7, 2014)

It was an usually warm weekend in the desert Southwest, so we decided to head to the property, and it turned out a great idea.  What a beautiful weather weekend for us.

Arrived Saturday morning, unloaded and got organized, then headed into Chino for some hay bales and ladder.  Stopped and picked up a couple straw hay bales to use in our range area from the local feed store.  Then we headed off to the hardware store to pick up a ladder, and thankfully they had one left.  Perfect.  Now we can access the top of ‘Rusty’ whenever we are up there, which we took full advantage of Saturday evening.

Once we were on the property, we had something to eat and set up the ladder to access the roof top area.  Perfect!  Setup a couple of chairs, turned on a little music on my new Sony bluetooth speaker, and off we went.  Oh, don’t forget a couple cold ones to ease into a great sunset.


After a nice chilly night, low about 36, we were up at em again.  After some breakfast we wanted to get a couple things done before heading home.  First, I wanted to layout the area, future posts, for our rain water collection lean-to shed.  Done.  You can just make out the stakes for the 10×20 shed.

Then we took a nice walk to the South part of our property.  Very cool…there is a long gully running parallel to our property and we wanted to see if it had any water remaining from the last rainfall.  It did not, but you can tell where it was still a little went at the creek bed.  We then headed up to walk the border of our property, where we spotted this cool tree.

Then back to start work on our range area.  Yes, a range area….ever heard ‘practice makes perfect’? hahahaha  Well it does.  In order to accomplish this task though, we had to learn the basics of chainsaw operation and trouble shooting.  The last time we were up there, October, I did something to the chain saw that needed attention.  After both of us learning the in’s and out’s of removing the chain and chain bar…found it to be operator error….and I be the operator.  Once we had that operational, the range project began.  Turned out great!!!!!  There will be enhancements over the years I am sure, but great launching point.

Ended the afternoon on the roof again with a cold one surveying the beautiful landscape.  We also made some lunch, which this time consisted of dutch oven pizza.  Yum!  Turned out pretty good with some grilled Italian sausages.


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Snow Bound (January 2015)

Stopped by the property after a great couple of day in the valley of the sun visiting Fred and Katherine.  The weekend had been a winter weather event in most of the Southwest, and our property was no exception.

You can see by the picture below, there was most definitely snow to be found.

Of course our beloved ‘Agnes’ was right where she had been left, defeating the elements again.  She is better than a 1950’s postal carrier.

There were ‘wildlife’ tracks everywhere….elk, deer, and rabbits.  I even think we saw a rabbit, but the other tracks….I picture some dude with ‘elk’ shoes on walking all over to throw us ‘city folk’ off.  Still really cool to see.

We have a short video of our drive in….
Video Here

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New Ranch Member (October 31, 2014)

“Here comes Rusty…”.  Yes, we purchased a 20 foot shipping container.  We had been tossing around the idea for some time, but once we saw this one local to our property, we knew it was the right choice.  It has been somewhat modified (see the small windows and roof support) for another customer, but that customer decided not to follow through with the purchase.  So, we swooped in and got it.

IMG_3378 (Small)

Yes, we call it ‘Rusty’, but it truly isn’t all that bad.  You know it made some great ocean trips in it’s day, but will server many years for us on dry land.

You can see it has a front door and window added, but our long term goals will modify this existing configuration.  Gonna be great.

IMG_3381 (Small)

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Composting Project (October 2014)

We headed back in October to start work on our composting pit.  We have decided to make two compost piles/pits and use one per year to build, while we use the contents of the other as fertilizer.

We are doing two 4×4 pits, a foot into the ground.  First stage is digging them out and starting the pit.

Then we add material each time we  are on the property, covering them with dry material (in this case we are using hay), and cover with chicken wire to keep it safe from curious animals.
20141018_125412 20141018_130712
* just in case you missed the cans of Fat Tire they are there while we view our accomplishment.

While we were there we also got out on a nice walk up the road inside and outside of our property.  Just wanted to take in some of our surroundings.

Of course the night had another beautiful sunset, and on our way out we were able to catch a glimpse of some antelope.
IMG_3370 20141018_092519b

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Another Visit w/ Guests (October 2014)

A couple weeks after our “ship to shore” experience, we headed up again to our property, with a few special guests.   This weekend we brought with us free labor, in the name of Rylee, Baylee, and our protector Lola.  Although, by the end of the weekend Lola’s poor city feet had had enough.

Weather was beautiful and warm all weekend and we were able to clear out some of those damn thorn bushes that seem to be prevalent around our camping area.
thornbush IMG_3342
Thanks to the girls, we made great progress in not just the thorn bushes, but some of the major bushes that are in our way of future projects.
IMG_3328 IMG_3357
We were also able to get out and do some exploring on the hill near us, giving us a wonderful view of the surrounding area.  It is truly beautiful.

IMG_3336 IMG_3335
Ended the weekend like this, one of my favorite things to do.


Monsoon Season (September 2014)

I had been emailing back and forth with one of our ranch (larger ranch) board members about one of the roads going through our property that wasn’t being maintained, and we believed it should be.  So, after bringing it up the work was about to be done.  I mentioned to him that we might be up that weekend and would love to see the newly maintained road, and he proceeded to tell me that there was about  a 90% chance of rain that weekend, and it could be heavy.  Ha!  Like these two Oregon people need advice on how to deal with rain.  A 90% chance of rain just means it will rain, not how much it will rain.  So, we headed out Friday after work to beat any rain that might come that evening.

Oh we made it ok, and no major rain during the night, but little did we know it was coming!

National Weather Service update on approaching monsoon.  

Without any significant rain overnight Friday, we got up and proceeded to work on some things.  Then around 9am, the rain came, and it came, and it came until probably close to 4:30pm.  We were basically stranded in our tent the entire day.  For those of you don’t know, our tent’s name is Agnes (officially Big Agnes) and she is now a work of wonder.   Agnes survived that entire day of blowing winds, thunder like we had never heard before, and inches of rain.  There were times when the tent basically blew flat with us in it! ha.  Crazy day!

20140927_171059 (Small)   20140927_092235 (Medium)   20140927_122816 (Medium)

I think there were about 2″ of rain that day and nothing but a mud mess outside.  Thankfully we had food, beer, and cards!  🙂

By that afternoon, and more on Sunday it started to really dry out.  We had some issues departing on Sunday, thanks to a bunch of rednecks and their ATVs.  Our poor road, that was just maintained and all smooth, so much for that.


We did make it out, yes first time in four wheel drive for Rubi, but we made it.

20140928_170327 (Medium)

Now, if we can just collect all of that rain water this year!  woohoo!

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First Visit (September 2014)

After officially closing on the property (Aug 28th), our first planned visit was the second weekend in September.  Sheralee, Rylee, and I visited our new ranch to try and map out our borders.

2 IMG_3303 (Small)

We used stakes and twine to mark out our perimeter (no entrenched bunkers…yet) for each side, and realized soon enough, it was so much easier on paper.  The sun was hot that day my friends, yes redneck tans all around, thank you


This feeble marking attempt produced one good thing, a great understanding of a lot of our property.  So, it seems all that walking was for the best.  We found some great ‘future’ areas for development.

20140913_161852 (Small)  20140913_165406 (Small)

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